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VEGA Tools App

VEGA Tools App

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The VEGA Tools app enables wireless adjustment of VEGA devices equipped with Bluetooth. Via smartphone or tablet, convenient access to VEGA device adjustment is made possible and the intuitive adjustment structure ensures easy setup and configuration of VEGA devices. An optimised display and diagnostic function is available especially in the VEGA Tools app, which can be used, for example, to visualise the measured value or sensor status quickly and easily. By scanning the data matrix code or the barcode on the type label or by entering the serial number, all relevant information on VEGA devices can be accessed. General device information (device designation, article number, delivery date, etc.), an overview of the product features and the device-specific documentation (operating instructions manual, test certificates and safety instructions) are thus always and everywhere available. In addition, the VEGA Tools app offers an alignment aid for radar sensors in bulk solids applications.


Puede descargar la aplicación VEGA Tools de forma gratuita aquí:

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