VEGA Americas, Inc., a leader in industrial level and pressure measurement instrumentation, is expanding its operations and growing its workforce in eight states across the Rocky Mountain West and the Southwest. The company is quadrupling the number of sales and field service personnel in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

VEGA is implementing a direct sales model to accommodate the company’s steady growth and maximize the region’s potential. The company will be hiring additional sales and field service to increase the customer support already in place throughout the region. Additionally, VEGA will continue to expand its West Coast office in Newport Beach, California. These investments in additional personnel will enable the company to directly support customers in the variety of industries the Rocky Mountain West and the Southwest have to offer.

“Moving to a direct sales model is another sign of VEGA Americas’ continued and steady growth,” said John Groom, Co-CEO of VEGA Americas. “By working directly with our customers, we can more easily help them find the right level and pressure measurement instrumentation to make their processes safer and more efficient.”

VEGA sensors perform critical measurement tasks in the Chemical, Power, Mining, and Building Materials industries, in addition to making important process measurements inside municipalities, Food and Beverage facilities, and other industrial plants, all of which play a prominent role in the local economies within the Rocky Mountain West and the Southwest. By working directly with these facilities, VEGA will be able to provide optimal service and support to plant managers, engineers, and technicians, enabling them to operate more safely, reliably, and efficiently.

“A couple of our core values at VEGA are ‘responsiveness’ and ‘continuous improvement,” said John Kronenberger, Co-CEO of VEGA Americas, “and by investing in each of these states, we’ll be able to provide instrumentation and service more quickly to better serve our customers.”

VEGA uses radar, guided wave radar, pressure, and radiometric technologies, among others, to make all-important level, point level, and pressure measurements. Most instrumentation is manufactured in the United States, and 90% of products ship between the same day and five days of placing an order.