VEGA Instruments Canada, Ltd., a leader in industrial level and pressure measurement instrumentation, is expanding its operations and growing its workforce across Quebec.

VEGA is implementing a direct sales model to accommodate the company’s significant growth and maximize the region’s potential. “VEGA Instruments Canada is excited about this expansion because it brings us much closer to our customers,” says Chris Willoughby, Managing Director for VEGA Instruments Canada, Ltd.  “Now, across all Canada, we will be collaborating directly with customers. This direct relationship benefits both parties. Customers receive the best and most economical solutions and service. VEGA receives first-hand knowledge of our customers’ challenges so we can improve our offering.”

VEGA sensors perform critical measurements in the pulp & paper, mining, water & wastewater, food, and pharmaceutical industries, all of which are key components of the Quebec economy. By working directly with the facilities in these sectors, VEGA will be able to provide optimal service and support to plant managers, engineers, and technicians, enabling them to operate more safely, reliably, and efficiently.

VEGA uses such technologies as radar, guided wave radar, pressure, and radiometric to make important level, point level, and pressure measurements. Its robust line of instrumentation is supplemented by such offerings as VEGA Inventory System, a web-based portal that delivers visible and actionable level measurement data across multiple facilities, and myVEGA, the online platform for VEGA product information and support.