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Ready to simplify your bulk solids level application?

The right radar level sensor for every bulk measurement application

The better a level sensor technology fits your application, the more efficient your work processes will be. This will be focussing on level sensing topics of “Universal High Performance Devices, Compact Instruments for Simple Applications and Stand-alone Solutions for Remote and Mobile Silos”, our radar level experts Jürgen Skowaisa, Vanessa Thimm and Stefan Kaspar will bring new spectrum of solutions for your applications. 


Ready to simplify your level application?

THE 6X® - We love reliable values. Just like our radar sensor does.
The better your measurement technology fits the application, the more efficient your work will be. With a focus on "maximum precision, improved security and fun to use", our radar experts Jürgen Skowaisa and Florian Burgert bring new impetus to your applications.


From simple to challenging: How radar optimises your bulk solids applications

With radar technology that is robust, flexible and economical all at the same time, VEGA is setting the course for more efficient production processes involving bulk solids. The deployment spectrum of the new VEGAPULS C series now includes simple, basic applications. Experience in our live demo how "radar for any situation" works. From standard applications to unconventional and complex ones: how the technology measures reliably, regardless of dust, noise or temperature fluctuations. And above all, how it performs in direct comparison with ultrasonics.