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Explore hygienic level, pressure, and point level sensors

Instrumentation for beer, dairy, pharmaceutical, and food production

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brewing industry
VEGA level and pressure sensors ensure reliable processes and consistently high quality in the brewing process.


dairy industry
VEGA sensors ensure reliable level and pressure measurements for dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, and more.


VEGA sensors minimize maintenance and increase safety and efficiency for precise drug and cosmetics production.


Pharmaceutical Production

food industry


VEGA sensors and materials meet all the requirements and approval to ensure hygienic and consistent food production.


Food Production


Standardized sensors with easy cleanability to meet the strictest hygiene requirements

VEGA's certified hygienic sensors are the right choice for processing raw materials for industries with stringent safety, hygiene, and precision requirements. The food and pharmaceutical industries benefit from the selection of pressure and point level switches that measure hygiene-sensitive applications.


EG 1935/2004

Measurement technology for hygienic and sterile processes


Expertly designed

VEGA level, pressure and point level sensors are especially characterized by their flush process connections and leakproof, robust housings (IP69K). Even during operation, these sensors can be CIP-cleaned with almost any cleaning agent up to 2 hours at 150 °C.



Easy cleanability

VEGA sensors have been specially developed for the needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Each device has protected seals, all-metal housings, and low surface roughness approaching 0.3 µm for any media-contacting surfaces.


Standardized hygienic adaptors

The standardized hygienic adaptor connections guarantee high system availability and can be selected as needed. Installing the adaptors requires minimal effort, and the end-to-end concept allows simple integration and fast maintenance. This system also reduces spare parts inventories and production downtime.



Hygienic design to the last detail

Food and pharmaceutical production in hygienic conditions requires the highest cleanliness standards. VEGA uses components with geometries that don’t allow microorganisms to collect in spaces while simultaneously being able to withstand the cleaning and sterilization processes.