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Absorber pump

Pressure measurement at the absorber pump

Process data

Measuring task:
Pressure measurement
Measuring point:
Absorber pump
Measuring range up to:
1 m
Lime milk
Process temperature:
-40 … +50 °C
Process pressure:
+1 … +3 bar
Special challenges:
Abrasive and aggressive medium


Before the flue gas enters the absorber (scrubbing tower), its pollutant content (sulphur) is measured. If the degree of pollution of the flue gas requires it, the absorber pumps are switched on and a quantity of lime milk corresponding to the pollutant content is blown in. To monitor the absorber pumps, pressure transmitters are installed in the pipelines immediately upstream and downstream of the pumps.

Your benefit

Ceramic measuring cell is resistant to abrasion
Cost effective
Optimal operation of the pumps
User friendly
Reliable, low-maintenance operation

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