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Pressure measurement in a homogenizer

Process data

Measuring task:
Pressure monitoring and pressure switch
Measuring point:
Pipeline, hydraulics
Measuring range up to:
0 … 2.5 bar; 100 … 400 bar
Milk, hydraulic oil
Process temperature:
+40 … +70 °C
Process pressure:
0.8 ... 2.2 bar; 100 … 400 bar
Special challenges:
Aseptic cleaning of the feed line, high-pressure measurement of the hydraulic oil


In order to prevent the milk fat from settling on top of the milk, either just the cream or the whole milk is homogenised in the next step. This is where the cream or milk is pushed through micro-sized nozzles, which reduces the size of the fat globules and distributes them evenly in the liquid. The homogenised cream is then returned to the skimmed milk. Pressure in the feed line is monitored to control the homogenisation process. At the same time, pressure monitoring of the hydraulic oil ensures optimal control of the pistons.

Your benefit

Reliable measurement ensures trouble-free operation of the homogenizer
Cost effective
Optimal control of the pistons through monitoring of the high-pressure pump
User friendly
Simple connection via standardised IO-Link

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