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The new radar sensor for bulk solids – VEGAPULS 69

The new VEGAPULS 69 takes a big step closer to the ideal of an all-round radar level measurement instrument for bulk solids. The level transmitter operates at a frequency of 80 GHz, which allows a considerably better focusing of the transmitted signal. In containers and silos with many internal obstructions, this enhanced focusing helps reduce the influence of background noise.
The VEGAPULS 69 offers the ultimate in safety, reliability and accuracy for an extremely wide application spectrum.

The superior focusing of the radar beam and the high transmission frequency make VEGAPULS 69 the state of the art specialist in bulk solids level measurement.

A radar beam with 80 GHz reflects only from the measured medium. A radar beam with 26 GHz also reflects from fixtures, struts and build up.

Better focusing
The VEGAPULS 69 operates with a transmission frequency of approximately 80 GHz and an antenna site of 75 mm. This achieves an opening angle of only 4°. In a radar sensor with 26 GHz transmission frequency the opening angle is about 10° with the same antenna size. The 80 GHz beam misses installations or deposits on the vessel wall and makes the measurement more accurate and reliable. 

Higher dynamic response
Because of the large dynamic range of 120 dB of the new VEGAPULS 69, even the smallest of reflections can be measured. Media with poor reflection properties such as plastic powders, fly ash or dry sawdust can be measured with a much higher quality by the new technology. With the possibility of measuring smaller and smaller reflection signals, even polystyrene pellets or aerosil applications are possible.

Large measuring range
Thanks to the good focusing and the high dynamic range, the VEGAPULS 69 can reliably measure poorly reflecting bulk materials even at a distance of 120 m. The system is designed so that the sensor also operates with the same values in the smallest measuring ranges. The cycle time of the new VEGAPULS 69 is below one second with an accuracy of ±5 mm.

Smartphone App for easy sensor alignment

To make setup and commissioning easier, an intelligent app for smartphones has been developed. It allows quick and easy alignment of the sensor on a swivelling holder.

VEGAPULS 69: One sensor – two versions

The new VEGAPULS 69 is available in two versions.
A simple version with a light plastic antenna of PP and a lens antenna integrated in a flange:


Lightweight plastic antenna

High-quality, swivelling stainless
steel flange


80 GHz

 Measuring range

up to 120 m (394 ft)


±5 mm

 Response time

≤1 s


Ex approvals, open air approval acc. to EN 302729-1/2

 Process fitting  Mounting strap,
 Adapter flanges from DN 100,
 Compression flanges from DN 80
 Flanges from DN 80,
 Flanges from DN 100
 with swivel holder
 Process pressure  -1 … +2 bar
 (-100 … +200 kPa)
 -1 … +3 bar
 (-100 … +300 kPa)
 Process temperature  -40 … +80 °C
 (-40 … +176 °F)
 -40 … +200 °C
 (-40 … +392 °F)

Swivel holder

Lens antenna

Air purge connection