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Radiometric Services

A complete suite of services from licensing to removal

Licensing and Program Auditing

VEGA Americas is happy to help you with obtaining licenses for radiation-based products.

VEGA Americas source holders contain radioactive material that may require a license. Our Licensing Department is available to assist you with all of  your licensing needs. We're happy to answer your questions and guide you through the application process or help you amend your current license. We'll work with the proper government agencies to make sure you have the correct license for your nuclear technology.

Plus, our personnel can audit your Radiation Safety Program to ensure it complies with your license.

Training and Seminars

VEGA Americas offers a variety of training services to meet customer needs. We conduct trainings in radiometric measurement technologies and radiation safety at our state-of-the-art training facility in Cincinnati, Ohio or at customer sites. For more information, including a listing of VEGA radiometric training dates, click the button below.

Survey Meter Calibration

We'll calibrate your nuclear measurement so it always functions safely and properly.
Radiation survey instrumentation is required to receive an annual calibration check to ensure proper functionality. The calibration facility at VEGA Americas provides calibration service for meters from most manufacturers.

Leak Testing

VEGA Americas will perform all necessary leak tests.
Periodic leak tests on source holders are required by government licenses to ensure no radioactive material has escaped and caused contamination. Customer Radiation Safety Officers may perform leak tests and return them to VEGA Americas, or a member of our radiometric services staff can visit your site, gather tests for analysis, and document the operability of the shutter. VEGA Americas provides licensed technical analysis on all leak tests.

Returning Nuclear Sources

Resource program symbol

As a complete radiation-based measurement solutions provider, we are committed to supporting total management of nuclear source ownership. To fulfill this commitment to our customers and to protect the environment, VEGA Americas is pleased to offer a responsible method of source lifecycle management as an alternative to stockpiling and burial. Our ReSource Program focuses on reusing and recycling the radioactive sources used in industrial measurement systems.

Download the report below to learn more about our ReSource Program.

Source Holder and Shutter Repair

We're happy to repair or replace your nuclear measurement technology.
Our radiometric service team can repair a source holder's shutter in the field if the shutter becomes stuck or otherwise inoperable. Should the repair require specialized service, the source holder will be professionally prepared for shipment back to VEGA's facility for repair, or disposal and replacement if necessary.

24-hour Support

VEGA Americas offers radiation safety training.
Our radiometric services staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of a radiological emergency. During business hours (M-F, 8 A.M-5 P.M. EST), call 800.FOR.LEVEL (367.5383) or 513.272.0131 and the operator will direct your call to the appropriate service team. After business hours, please call the same numbers and follow the prompts, making sure to leave your contact number. A Nuclear Services Engineer will return your call. Only contact Nuclear Services in the case of a radiological emergency; otherwise, direct your call to the appropriate service team to get the quickest, most accurate response for your situation.