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VEGAPULS 6X looks great on paper, and it’s even better working in paper production

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, or PCC, is a mineral commonly used as an additive in the production of paper products. A major paper company in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States requires continuous level measurement for their PCC tanks in one of their facilities in order to ensure optimal production processes. Previously, this company utilized a 26 GHz radar sensor that repeatedly locked up when trying to obtain measurements. Tired of maintenance calls and process shut-downs, the company looked into level measurement solutions from other instrument manufacturers. Their search led them to the radar experts at VEGA.

80 GHz technology unlocks greater measurement possibilities

VEGA representatives met with personnel from the paper company to identify the measurement issues and develop a better solution. In this case, the company was not entirely certain what was causing all the problems in the competitor’s radar sensors. Upon assessing the PCC tanks, it became evident to VEGA’s experts that a 26 GHz sensor just wouldn’t be sufficient for obtaining reliable level readings.

When it came to recommending a new solution for the company’s PCC vessels, the choice was easy; VEGAPULS 6X is one sensor for any level measurement application, liquids or bulk solids. VEGAPULS 6X sensors are built according to the needs of the application. In this case, an 80 GHz configuration was deemed necessary due to the company’s measurement issues with 26 GHz technology.

Confident in their assessment, VEGA provided the paper company with a trial unit of the VEGAPULS sensor to showcase its capabilities. The company was impressed by the sensor’s performance; the narrow beam angle of 80 GHz radar ensures that the sensor only picks up the distinct reflections from the product’s surface, delivering more reliable data than 26 GHz technology is capable of in many applications. Just as impressive was the sensor’s ease of use, with Bluetooth capability granting company personnel the ability to wirelessly operate the device and view the measurement data.

Looking forward to future success with THE 6X®

With VEGAPULS 6X’s strong showing, the paper company was happy to give VEGA their business. They installed a VEGAPULS 6X on each of their PCC tanks and even purchased four more units for use on other applications across their facility. With the power of 80 GHz radar technology, the company now receives reliable and precise level data without the sensor locking up. VEGAPULS 6X is what keeps operations like this paper production plant running at the highest level of efficiency.

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