Production of pulp or paper has never been easy. In recent years, however, it has become even more challenging, as new climate protection goals, higher energy costs and raw material sustainability demand ever more higher efficiency and quality from producers.    

Today, efficiently designed production is based on high-performance sensors that ensure from start to finish of the process, that the product will be of a consistently high quality. But which measurement technology is ideal for which application?

Digital flight to the optimal sensor

“Between delivery of the log and the finished pulp product or paper, there lie countless process steps - and countless measuring points. And the right expert know-how is not always available on site, where it’s most needed,” explains VEGA industry manager Christian Langensiepen. A new 3D animation provides a solution here. It gives a clear overview of all typical measuring points in paper production. A complete example plant can now be viewed digitally, from power generation, pulp production and stock preparation to the paper machine. “It’s entertaining and informative at the same time. The images are realistic and the animations are in step with real life applications. This helps users find the measuring solution they are looking for much faster,” says Langensiepen, the experienced industry specialist, obviously quite pleased with the successful visualisation created by the agency “Azraels Art”.

In between the flashing yellow buttons in the overview, which lead to important areas in production, a large blue button catches the eye. Clicking on it quickly reveals what it’s all about: “Paper production also includes process water and waste water treatment. With its radar measurement technology, VEGA is a leader in this area,” adds Langensiepen. The vast field of clarification and recycling, and how to make the many processes involved more efficient, is “a chapter on its own”. For that reason, there’s a 3D visualisation specially dedicated to it. So, if you haven't had enough after your digital sightseeing flight through the paper industry, you can dive straight into the next industrial sector.

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