Safety and reliability are basic requirements in the field of measurement technology. This applies especially to radiometric measurement, which is always used when process conditions are in the extreme: extremely hot, cold, corrosive, dusty or under pressure. The source holders of the VEGASOURCE 80 series are a fitting extension of this measuring technique.

In the development of the new VEGASOURCE 80 series, VEGA has incorporated their decades of radiometric expertise and adapted it to the requirements of modern process measurement for level, switching, density and mass flow. The source holders are the result of careful research and rigorous testing.

The instrumentation manufacturer paid special attention to these criteria for the VEGASOURCE 80 series:

  • Reliable shielding can enable use without restricted areas
  • Exceptional switch-on and switch-off repeatability
  • Operational reliability through pneumatic ON/OFF switching
  • Excellent high temperature resistance: up to 821 °C for 30 minutes

Suitable for every application
Typical applications include: density, level measurement and point level detection in reactors and catalysers or containers with highly toxic media, mass flow measurement for conveyors or blockage monitoring in cyclones: For every application there’s a suitable source holder that safely accommodates the source capsule. The VEGASOURCE 81, 82 and 83 source holders are characterised especially by their small size with optimal shielding and simple mounting. VEGASOURCE 84 is designed to be used worldwide, even in countries with the strictest radiation protection requirements. Exceptional switch-on, switch-off repeatability is another one of its distinctive features.

The basic models are almost entirely made of stainless steel. This makes them

  • weatherproof and
  • resistant to corrosive atmospheres.

Simplicity of operation is an important goal for VEGA – and this also applies to the VEGASOURCE 80 series. Thanks to the modular system, all source holders in the series, no matter what size, function the same way, which makes servicing simple. 

Five collimation are possible
A metallic protective cap also protects the shutter mechanism from dirt and contamination when required. VEGA offers a selection of five beam collimation angles – 5, 30, 40, 45 and 60 degrees for maximum versatility, performance and safety. The instruments of the VEGASOURCE 80 series thus contribute to maximum safety and support compliance according to 'ALARA' radiation protection principles.

How source holders work
The instruments of the VEGASOURCE series safely and securely hold the gamma emitter capsule which is used as a radiation source in radiometric level, density, mass flow and point level measurement. The source holders ensure that the radiation is emitted unattenuated in only one defined direction, effectively shielding the environment from gamma rays in all other directions.