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VEGA Inventory System

VEGA offers a system for optimal inventory management: VEGA Inventory System.

Data acquisition, clear visualization and efficient logistics are the core elements of successful, automated inventory control.
The interaction between measurement technology and software plays an important role.

Keeping an eye on inventory at all times

The solution to overstocking and stock shortages: With VEGA Inventory System (VIS), companies can manage their inventories proactively with specific goals in mind. This ensures greater flexibility in delivery schedules, expands optimisation options and reduces stock discrepancies. 

Precise, real-time visualisation of stocks allows deviations/inconsistencies to be quickly identified. This minimises the financial impact and at the same time ensures that the cause of the discrepancies is quickly identified and avoided in future. 

Another advantage: Employees no longer have to climb onto tanks and silos to check stock levels. This increases safety in the workplace.

Reliable measurement data

Precise measured values are the basis for optimised inventory monitoring. The VEGA sensors for  level and pressure as well as the VEGA controllers reliably record this data. 


Clear visualisation

Thanks to easily readable bar charts and tank symbols, users can grasp their current stock levels at a glance.

Optimal delivery planning

Functions such as web map with tank locations and statuses, calendar for planning delivery time and quantity as well as consumption forecast enable optimal demand and delivery planning.

Calling up live data

VEGA Inventory System is a software that allows users to monitor their inventory in real time from any device with internet access. VIS combines reliable VEGA measurement technology for liquids and bulk solids with secure, cloud-based software. Precise data provides the basis for intelligent and strategic decisions for optimal inventory management. 

Four different real-time views of the inventory data are available:

  • Chart: Real-time inventory data points such as stock levels, free space and timestamps are displayed. For many liquid applications, daily consumption and coverage can also be determined and displayed.
  • Graphic: The inventory data can be taken in at a glance. The inventory data point is displayed with alarm thresholds. The inventory status, such as Reorder or Safety stock, is colour-coded.
  • Map: The geographical layout shows the monitored facilities and the associated storage containers with colour coding of the inventory status.
  • Trend: Historical as well as current data are clearly displayed in a trend chart.


VEGA sensors precisely and reliably measure the level in a silo, vessel or other type of container and report the measurement data to a connected gateway for transmission to the VIS portal.


VEGA gateways collect measurement data from connected sensors and transmit the data wirelessly to the VIS portal at defined regular intervals.


The measurement and inventory data received from VEGA gateways or autonomous sensors are stored on the VIS server hosted by VEGA. All data is end-to-end encrypted and secured so that only authorised users have access. 


Authorised users can access measurement and inventory data via the VIS website or the VIS app with any Internet-enabled device. 

Autonomous measurement and transmission

For remote or mobile applications where a cable-bound power supply or data transfer is impractical, the VEGAPULS Air series is the solution: stand-alone instruments that can be conveniently used in the field, combining precise measurement, battery power supply and mobile communication to the VIS portal.

Data visualisation

Two different types of views are available to the user for a clear overview of all stock levels and their statuses. 

A range of filter functions allow the user to make a quick overview of requirements by location, product type, level status, alarm levels or other factors.

To allow the user to see at a glance where stocks are still in the green zone, where a delivery will be soon due (yellow) and where replenishment is urgently needed (red), the principle of traffic light colours is integrated through all functions of the program.

Delivery planning

With VEGA Inventory System and the dispatcher tools it contains, logistics planning becomes efficient and easy.

  • Delivery planning: Which driver will take how much of which product, where, when and with which vehicle?
  • History diagram and consumption forecast: Offers an overview of past inventory data to assist with calculation of future usage patterns.
  • Dynamic web map: current overview of tank locations and their statuses

Possible applications

VEGA Inventory System can be used in the following application scenarios:

1. Inventory monitoring within a company

In this model, VEGA Inventory System is used by a company to monitor and manage its own stocks at one or more locations. The software also enables optimal coordination of raw material supplies between the parent plant and its external manufacturing sites.

  • Quick access to current and historical consumption data
  • Economical production and supply planning
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Cost savings through optimized logistics 

2. Supervision of stock levels by the supplier

In this model, the customer transfers the responsibility for monitoring and replenishing his stocks completely to the supplier. Via the VEGA Inventory System, he allows his supplier access to the   real-time inventory data from his tanks and silos.

Advantages for the supplier
  • Quick access to current and historical customer consumption data
  • Cost-effective production and inventory planning in own company
  • Higher client retention levels
  • Cost savings through optimized logistics
  • Improved relationships and long-term customer loyalty

Advantages for the customer
  • Security of supply: No more "out of stock" situations and costly rush orders
  • Avoidance of production stoppages
  • Cost savings through reduced administrative work
  • Higher efficiency and confidence in stock levels
  • Concentration on core business

Application examples: Level measurement in a diesel tank

Accurate measurement of fuel quantities is vital for good logistics planning, as it ensures that there is always sufficient fuel available for the vehicle fleet. For optimal fuel stocking and distribution, reliable level monitoring and data distribution is an absolute necessity.

Level measurement in the diesel tank

Application examples: Level measurement in a road salt storage silo

In winter, when ice and snow become a problem in many areas, road maintenance teams need to make sure roads, public squares and pathways are safe. The salt needed for this is stored in silos and from there, it is filled into road treatment and snow-clearing vehicles. Reliable level measurement is required here to ensure that enough road salt is always in stock, in the right locations and ready for use. The level data from the silos are transmitted to a central control centre. 

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Level measurement in the road salt silo

VEGA product lines


Unlimited variety in highest quality and precision. 

That means: all integration options available, any mounting situation, all process fittings available, highest pressures, lowest temperatures and use with all conceivable media.

Every sensor of the PRO line is optimised to meet the individual requirements of the various industrial sectors and precisely tailored to the specific application.


Compact and precise all-rounders. 

That means: optimal measurement technology "made by VEGA" for standard processes and basic applications.

Not available in all versions, but in all important, standard versions and with numerous connection variants.

Every sensor of the BASIC line is easy to integrate and quickly ready for operation.


Reliable data security even without cables. 

Sensors of the AIR line are used in mobile applications wherever reliable and precise levels create added value for work processes. 

The wireless standards LoRA, NBIoT or LTEM transmit your data securely to the VEGA cloud server.

Ideal for automatic reordering or just-in-time emptying – anywhere in the world.

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