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Sensors for the hydrogen economy

Hydrogen is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels and is expected to drive the decarbonisation of the global economy in the long term. Due to its chemical and physical properties, its processing – as well as the measurement technologies used in applications with hydrogen – face special challenges. VEGA sensors can fulfil these rigorous demands, on safety and long-term stability.

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Level and pressure instrumentation for all measuring tasks

The production, storage and efficient transport will all be decisive factors in the hydrogen economy of the future. Whether hydrogen is in liquid or gaseous form, or has been converted into ammonia, methane or e-fuels: VEGA sensors ensure that all hydrogen processes operate safely with the correct quantities and pressures. 


Level and pressure measurement technology for reliable and efficient hydrogen processes.

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Long-term stable Diffusion-tight Resistant

Measurement technology for demanding processes

Reliable sensors – high operational safety

Extreme temperatures and pressures, the risk of hydrogen embrittlement or diffusion: Hydrogen handling requires extremely reliable and precise equipment. VEGA supplies the optimal measurement technology for level and pressure applications.

Safety first

Hydrogen is an extremely volatile gas and highly explosive when mixed with oxygen. Safety is therefore a top priority. With suitable materials, the right process fittings and coatings, VEGA ensures safety in every process step and area of application. 

Shiny barrier

Preventing damage in advance – this is possible in hydrogen processes by actively counteracting diffusion. Resistant materials such as 316L or Elgiloy ensure a long service life. VEGA sensors equipped with pure gold or gold-rhodium coating are available for particularly challenging applications.

Well prepared

Better safe than sorry. VEGA sensors for hydrogen applications come with the most common worldwide Ex approvals. They also fulfil the high requirements of functional safety (SIL).

Completely sealed

There’s a suitable VEGA sensor for every application. Leak-free operation is ensured thanks to diffusion-tight process fittings.
VEGA uses various high-pressure connections, also known as autoclave fittings, from well-known manufacturers such as Swagelok. 

Reliable sensors even in complex hydrogen applications

Whether aggressive media, an oxygen and hydrogen overlay, or low dielectric constants are involved: the entire range of hydrogen applications is covered by VEGA’s reliable solutions in level and pressure measurement technology.

PEM electrolyser

  • Guided radar sensor VEGAFLEX 81 for regulating water quantities
  • Pressure sensor VEGABAR 28 for measurement in the supply and discharge lines

Storage tank with hydrogen gas

  • Pressure sensor VEGABAR 83 for pressure measurement in the storage tank
  • Reliable measurement thanks to oil-free, thin-film measuring cell

Tanker with liquid hydrogen

  • Differential pressure transmitter VEGADIF 85 for level measurement of liquid hydrogen
  • Precise measured values, even with very low hydrostatic pressures

Hydrogen pipeline

  • Pressure sensor VEGABAR 82 for pressure monitoring in the hydrogen pipeline
  • Reliable monitoring thanks to oil-free ceramic measuring cell


These accurate VEGA sensors for level, switching and pressure ensure optimum results in every phase of hydrogen production, storage and distribution. Users can rely on the measuring instruments for efficient monitoring and control of their production systems.

Level sensors for the hydrogen industry

VEGA’s level sensors reliably measure the level in hydrogen tanks and containers and warn of overfilling, underfilling or leakage. They deliver reliable measurement results, even when operating with small measurement ranges. Tank internals do not impair the accuracy of the readings.

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GWR sensor for level measurement of liquids with cable, rod or coaxial sensor


GWR sensor for level measurement of liquids, with a PFA-coated or polished rod


Radar sensor for level measurement of liquids

Pressure sensors for the hydrogen industry

VEGA’s pressure sensors measure the pressure of hydrogen gas in pipelines, containers, tanks and other handling systems. They ensure long-term stability measurements and are especially easy to set up and put into operation.

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Pressure transmitter with ceramic measuring cell
AU$ 480.00
Base price


Pressure transmitter with ceramic measuring cell


Pressure transmitter with metallic measuring cell


Differential pressure transmitter with metallic measuring diaphragm

Point level sensors for the hydrogen industry

VEGA’s point level sensors detect the limit level in hydrogen tanks and containers. They ensure maximum reliability and safety in all hydrogen applications.

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Capacitive rod probe
VEGASWING 61 Vibrating level switch for liquids


Vibrating level switch
Compact version


Vibrating level switch
with tube extension
VEGASWING 66 Vibrationsgrenzschalter für Flüssigkeiten bei extremen Prozesstemperaturen und -drücken


Vibrating level switch for extreme process temperatures and pressures

Special requirements

💧 Hydrogen is the leightest atomic element and is gaseous under normal conditions. It only becomes liquid at temperatures at or below -253 °C. Hydrogen also has the highest diffusion density of all gases.

These properties place special demands on the materials used for suitable measuring instruments.

  • Diffusion: If hydrogen penetrates a material, such as a metal or other wetted construction parts, it can be damaged over time – this can permanently alter the performance of a measuring instrument.
  • Embrittlement: Hydrogen atoms can penetrate the atomic structure of a material and significantly worsen its mechanical properties, and it becomes brittle.

VEGA sensors deliver precise and reliable measuring results despite these challenges. Resistant materials, diffusion-tight process fittings, oil-free ceramic measuring cells and sensors with gold or gold-rhodium coatings, ensure long-term functionality.

Golden protection

Coating the measuring diaphragm with fine gold, or a gold-rhodium combination, provides effective protection against diffusion.

🥇 Gold: A gold coating is particularly suitable when hydrogen is present in a pure gaseous form, i.e. as dry hydrogen. At a thickness of around 25 µm, it resists diffusion very effectively.

🥇 Gold-Rhodium: When hydrogen is dissolved in aqueous solutions, the challenges for the diffusion barrier are even greater. A thin layer of rhodium covers the gold-coated metallic diaphragm. It not only protects the soft gold coating, but also acts as a catalyst, significantly reducing the effects of diffusion.

Easy cleaning

When hydrogen is involved, water and oxygen are not far away. The measurement technology must ensure appropriate cleanliness in this area. VEGA sensors enable reliable cleaning and meet the worldwide ASTM and EIGA standards. ✅

Interconnected solutions

Online tools

To ensure that production facilities are competitive today and stay competitive tomorrow, process cycles have to be optimised and costs reduced – without compromising quality. With intelligent networking and unique services, VEGA makes processes noticeably more efficient and reliable throughout the entire value-added chain.

Wireless communication provides better accessibility: Simply via VEGA Tools app – on any available smartphone or tablet.

Wireless adjustment

With Bluetooth, VEGA is looking far into the future. But even today, wireless technology is making processes more and more flexible. Wireless communication provides better accessibility: In clean rooms, in harsh industrial environments and in Ex hazardous areas. It allows parameterisation, display and diagnostics from a distance of up to 50 metres, thus saving time and avoiding dangers. Extremely simple with the VEGA Tools app – on any available smartphone or tablet.


IO-Link is a digital interface that can transmit parameters automatically.


VEGA uses IO-Link to make optimal use of all possibilities. With this manufacturer-independent, standard communication tool, sensors can be installed, parameterised and, if necessary, put back into operation faster and more cost-effectively. IO-Link is a digital interface that can automatically transfer parameters when an instrument is replaced.
With myVEGA as your personal information platform you have access to numerous online functions relating to the VEGA products.


With myVEGA as your personal information platform you have access to numerous online functions relating to the VEGA products.

  • 2D/3D drawings of configured instruments
  • Access to product documentation and order data
  • Access codes for VEGA sensors
VEGA Inventory System makes all important process and forecast information visible and easy to grasp.

VEGA Inventory System

Lower inventory levels mean lower costs. VEGA Inventory System makes all important process and forecast information visible and easy to grasp. The instruments installed on containers, tanks or silos automatically inform you when replenishments are required. This user-friendly software service accesses not only current measurement data, but also records and displays historical consumption data of your plant.
VEGA Inventory System

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