When VEGA Americas discovered an estimated 20,000 honeybees on its campus in Mid-August, the maintenance team knew they had to find a new, better home for the bees.

The bees had taken up residence in an exterior wall of the Manufacturing Building, producing honey when they were discovered.

VEGA is a worldwide organization dedicated to environmental stewardship and sustainability, and the tiny honey bee plays a big role in the vitality of our planet.

That’s why VEGA’s campus maintenance team reached out to Loveland Honey and On the Level Contracting, LTD to safely remove the bees and their hive.

Bill Jones of Loveland Honey and On the Level Contracting removed the bees safely and non-intrusively by drilling holes into the wall and extracting the bees through the holes and into a box for transportation.

The bees were taken to an 80-acre farm in Owensville, Ohio where they’ll have a new, fully functioning hive in two to three weeks.