Nobody loves it, but everyone has to do it: Configuring measuring instruments − it's a tedious chore for plant engineers. This is especially true when every sensor manufacturer does their own thing. However, a notable remedy to this situation came in 2001, when Dr. Joachim Schullerer founded the “PACTware Consortium e.V.”

Many saw that the uncontrolled proliferation of configuration tools on the market urgently needed to be addressed – but only a few attempted to do that. One man who did, and pursued this goal unwaveringly for over 20 years, was Dr. Joachim Schullerer. Ever since the PACTware Consortium was founded in 2001, the name Schullerer has stood for keen intuition and foresight in the area of field device integration. He set standards that simplified and brought uniformity to the software interface. Not an easy task.

The first chairman of the board, and now an honorary chairman,

Dr. Joachim Schullerer originated the idea of a manufacturer-independent software, created the network for implementation in the form of a consortium of companies and has successfully directed its development over the years. And he accomplished what was probably most urgently needed: Unification of the most important manufacturers in the industry. His position at PACTware, which he held since 2001, has now been taken over by his successor Holger Sack. Joachim Schullerer intends to remain loyal to the consortium as an active member. He has also gratefully accepted the appointment as honorary chairman.  

A thank you with applause
When the participants at the recent PACTware member's meeting bade farewell to their CEO, their long applause showed how much they appreciated the consistency and enthusiasm with which Schullerer pursued his vision. Founding member Michael Kessler, Executive Vice President at  Pepperl+Fuchs, also recognised his contribution : “Joachim's idea of creating an open software architecture for the fieldbus world was revolutionary. His work and his enthusiasm established the basis on which we can continue to build, creating and further developing field instruments for our customers.”

“Freeware” for Future

Despite the use of standardized interfaces,PACTware  still offers the 23 member companies a great deal of individual freedom in configuring and analysing their instruments. The clear winners are the customers, especially system and plant builders, who can be confident about the direction of future developments. Field instruments can continue competing with one another on the basis of their technical advantages, rather than on the options and quality of their integration. Because optimal integration is always guaranteed. “Uniformity across manufacturer boundaries was the guiding principle that made PACTware successful and continues to do so to this day,” said Kessler in his concluding comments. And, as the designated executive board member, Holger Sack also left no doubt that “openness will also shape the future of PACTware – 100% in the spirit of Joachim Schullerer.”