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Instrumentation direct from the manufacturer






VEGA is investing in Texas, Oklahoma, eastern New Mexico, and northwest Arkansas

VEGA Americas, Inc., a leader in industrial level and pressure measurement instrumentation, is expanding its operations and growing its workforce across Texas, Oklahoma, and parts of New Mexico and Arkansas. The company is expanding its sales force, increasing field service support, and investing in training capabilities to serve everywhere from the Gulf Coast to the High Plains and everywhere in between.

Local Service Support

VEGA field service has a wealth of knowledge and experience installing and maintaining VEGA instrumentation. Contact one of our local field service experts for setup assistance, troubleshooting, and repair.

VEGA-Texas-service updated


Stephen Conway

Field Service Technician


Johamed Rodriguez

Field Service Engineer


Paul Sikes

Field Service Technician

Keep an eye out for upcoming events and trainings in Texas!

We specialize in the oil & gas, refining, and petrochemical industries

VEGA offers a wide range of measurement solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream processes. VEGA sensors deliver reliable level and pressure data for all types of media, and a robust design ensures VEGA sensors last in the harsh environments so commonplace in these industries.

Petrochemical plant oil and gas

Common Applications

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Level radar sensor for liquids

80 GHz technology for higher reliability

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vegapuls 69


Level radar sensor for solids

80 GHz technology for superior focus

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vegabar 82 icon


All-purpose pressure sensor

Abrasion-resistant ceramic measuring cell

Free Trial

FLEX 81 icon


Versatile guided wave radar

Modbus, dual 4...20 mA outputs available

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Local Sales Support


Tim Foster

Sales Manager

Adam Barnes

Adam Barnes

Direct Sales - Corpus Christi

daniel flores

Daniel Flores

Direct Sales - Corpus Christi


Tom Pugliese

Direct Sales - Houston

Casey Tibbs

Casey Tibbs

Direct Sales - Houston

Michael Monachino

Michael Monachino

Direct Sales - Houston

Sean Larson

Sean Larson

Direct Sales - Houston

DeShea LeBlanc

DeShea LeBlanc

Direct Sales - Beaumont

Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens

Direct Sales - Tulsa

Kent Davenport

Kent Davenport

Industry Sales Specialist - Oil & Gas

eric moore

Eric Moore

Industry Sales Specialist - Chemical


Jason Kuzmiak

Industry Sales Specialist - Chemical


Tai Piazza

Industry Sales Specialist - Refining

direct seller dallas

Ilya Kryzhanovsky

Direct sales - Dallas


Tucker Hill

Direct Sales - Austin

Trent Jowell texas

Trent Jowell

Direct Sales - Tyler

eric harrington

Eric Harrington

Direct Sales - Beaumont

claudia moran

Claudia Moran

Direct Sales - Midland

paul rodgers

Paul Rogers

Direct sales - Freeport

Callan brooks

Callan Brooks

Direct Sales - Texas City

Product Support

greg tischler

Greg Tischler

Product Manager - Radar & Guided Wave Radar

brand updated image

Jeff Brand

Product Manager - Pressure & Switching

Chris Willoughby is Nuclear & MLI Product Manager at VEGA Americas.

Chris Willoughby

Strategy & Innovation Manager - Radiometric Expertise


Chris Lewis

Senior Engineer

Find your local seller

Texas Office

2600 South Shore Blvd

Suite 300

League City, TX 77573