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Advantages of radiometric measurement

Radiometric, or nuclear, technology provides reliable and repeatable process measurements with maximum operational safety and reliability in the most challenging conditions. These measurements are independent of pressure, temperature, and the measured material’s properties.

Safe measurements

The radiometric source is enclosed in a dense ceramic encasement. The ceramic encasement is double contained in a stainless-steel capsule designed to meet process automation’s highest standards for safety. 

Long Lasting

Radiometric instruments can last for 30 years or more because of their robust design and external mounting. Once installed and calibrated, these sensors require little to no maintenance.

Easy to install

Radiometric systems are mounted externally, which allows for easy installation during ongoing production. The detectors themselves are lightweight and can be mounted in a variety of positions to optimize the measurement. 

Field Service support

VEGA has been a leader in radiometric technology since 1950. You'll benefit from our experience and knowledge every step of the way – from choosing the right radiometric measurement product to removing a source at the end of its life.

Radiometric measurement solutions for a variety of industries

Radiometric measurements are like no other process measurement technology. Their robust design ensures a long service life and high return on investment across industries. Check out all the industries VEGA serves. 

Common applications

Click through some of the common applications where these instruments are used. Want to see more applications? Click the industry you are looking for above to find a variety of products and applications.

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