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VEGA – The specialist for pressure measurement

Process pressure, hydrostatic or differential pressure: For over 40 years now, VEGA has been developing and producing smart pressure transmitters. VEGABAR 80 series pressure transmitters can measure gauge, absolute or differential pressure reliably in all liquids, gases and viscous media. Specially designed ceramic and metallic measuring cells enable high-precision measurement. Their area of application ranges from -1 to 1000 bar at process temperatures from -90 to +400° C.
Process pressure and hydrostatic pressure 
  • VEGABAR 81 with chemical seal assembly: the specialist for high temperatures and chemically aggressive media 
  • VEGABAR 82 with ceramic measuring cell: the all-rounder for 80% of all applications in the process industry 
  • VEGABAR 83 with metallic measuring cell: the expert for high-pressure applications
Hydrostatic pressure
  • Level probe VEGABAR 86 with ceramic measuring cell: reliable level measurement even in abrasive media 
  • Level probe VEGABAR 87 with metallic measuring cell: the solution for elastomer and gap free requirements

Electronic differential pressure
  • An innovative software and hardware concept makes it possible to combine any two instruments of the VEGABAR 80 series into an electronic differential pressure system.

CERTEC® – the clever ceramic measuring cell
The key element of pressure instrumentation from VEGA is the ceramic-capacitive pressure measuring cell CERTEC®. It is more precise than monolithic ceramic measuring cells and boasts a significantly higher overload resistance. Moreover, CERTEC® is characterized by industry leading long-term stability and high-temperature resistance. To ensure the highest quality, VEGA develops and manufactures all the core technologies of its instruments in-house. This even applies to the ceramic-capacitive CERTEC® measuring cells, which are produced under "class 100” cleanroom conditions.

VEGABAR SERIES 80 - the right pressure transmitter for every application
VEGABAR series 80 pressure transmitters are suitable for widely different applications and process conditions. Compare for yourself:

Process pressure
and hydrostatic
Process pressure
and hydrostatic
Process pressure
and hydrostatic
Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Measuring range
-1 … +1000 bar -1 … +100 bar -1 … +1000 bar 0 … +25 bar 0 … +25 bar
Process temperature
-90 … +400 °C -40 … +150 °C -40 … +200 °C -20 … +100 °C -20 … +100 °C
Accuracy class
0,2 % 0,2 %;
0,1 %;
0,05 %
0,2 %;
0,1 %;
0,075 %
0,1 % 0,1 %
Maximum overload capacity
14 200 150 200 150
Measuring cell
Chemical seal
Ceramic Metallic Ceramic Metallic
Second Line of Defense

Fast thermal shock compensation 
Electronic Differential pressure

Temperature sensor
Fully welded