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Storage tanks for toxic liquids

Level measurement and point level detection in toxic liquids storage

Process data

Measuring task:
Level measurement and point level detection
Measuring point:
Measuring range up to:
35 m
Toxic liquid media
Process temperature:
-50 … +250 °C
Process pressure:
-1 … +64 bar
Special challenges:
Highly toxic media, chemically aggressive media, volatile media


Some chemical processes generate extremely toxic intermediates that have to be stored under the most stringent security measures. In order to be used in this application, the measurement technology must meet specific requirements in terms of design and functional reliability. A redundant sealing concept, an optional glass feedthrough (Second Line of Defense) and highly resistant materials provide the necessary security for the storage and processing of toxic media.

Your benefit

Configuration of the measuring system ensures maximum safety for people and the environment
Cost effective
High availability and maintenance-free operation
User friendly
Fast installation and simple setup

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