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Tsunami warning system in the harbour

Sea level measurement at the harbour wall

Process data

Measuring task:
Sea level measurement
Measuring point:
Harbour wall
Measuring range up to:
10 m
Sea water
Process temperature:
+4 … +20 °C
Process pressure:
0 … 0 bar
Special challenges:
Outdoor use, aggressive seawater, highest reliability required for international measurement data system


Tsunamis travel quickly and cause great damage when they hit land. So it is vital that tsunami warnings are issued early. Tsunami information centres continuously evaluate simultaneous data from seismic and sea level measuring stations. Such a sea level measuring station is operated by an oceanographic centre in a ferry and cargo-ship terminal. The measurement has to reliably and accurately detect the sea level and forward the data directly to the central monitoring system.

Your benefit

Reliable, millimetre-exact detection of the sea level
Cost effective
No maintenance or cleaning required
User friendly
Simple installation, easy access to the measuring point at any time

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