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Point level detection for bilge and leakage monitoring

Process data

Measuring task:
Point level detection
Measuring point:
Bilge, oil pan
Measuring range up to:
Switching point
Oil/oil-water mixture
Process temperature:
+10 … +75 °C
Process pressure:
0 … 0 bar
Special challenges:
Inaccessible measuring points, ship approvals


Every ship has ‘bilges’ – this is space at the lowest point of the vessel between the floor of the engine room and the bottom of the ship. A water/oil mixture collects in this bilge area, where the mixture is pumped out and recovered and separated into water and oil by an on-board skimmer and demulsifying unit. The bilge de-oiling equipment is normally controlled by level switches. The oil sumps of the main engine and any auxiliary systems must also be monitored continuously for safety and environmental reasons.

Your benefit

Maximum safety for humans and the environment
Cost effective
Simple installation
User friendly
Maintenance-free and reliable operation

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