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Interface profiler

Multi-phase oil/water interface measurement in separator tanks with emulsion layers

Process data

Measuring task:
Level and density measurement
Measuring point:
Measuring range up to:
4 m
Mixture of oil, water, emulsions and sand
Process temperature:
-40 … +150 °C
Process pressure:
-1 … +120 bar
Special challenges:
Low dielectric constant of the medium, buildup


Separation tanks on the deck of an FPSOs contain oil and water as well as other products. Mixing hydrocarbons with water can form an emulsified layer that makes it extremely difficult for operators to detect and control the water level. This can lead to loss of hydrocarbons when the water is drained or even damage to the electrostatic grids in desalination tanks due to the salty feed water. Multi phase density profiling is required to identify the different layers, including sand, for reliable, efficient process control. Level measurement is also required to ensure redundancy.

Your benefit

External detectors provide a high-resolution density profile without being exposed to process conditions
Cost effective
No shutdown required for maintenance
User friendly
Standard instruments without PLC or special tools

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