Industrial equipment spread out over a wide area, with high tanks or potentially explosive zones, poses an enormous challenge to the implementation of digitisation and Industry 4.0 concepts. To reach difficult-to-access or dangerous measuring points from a safe distance, VEGA offers the option of parameterizing sensors and reading out their measured values via Bluetooth on a smartphone or tablet with the VEGA Tools app. The advantages are obvious: especially easy to operate, all data permanently available in real time, and numerous possibilities for upgrading in the future.

An important Industry 4.0 module

With the Tools app from VEGA, sensors can be controlled wirelessly over distances of up to 25 metres and accessed directly – without technicians having to climb high ladders or go into hazardous environments. 

In keeping with the spirit and purpose of Industry 4.0, the tool simplifies communication with sensors. Because in addition to convenient visualization of current level and pressure data, it supports fast setup and easy maintenance. A wide range of display and diagnostic functions are also available in the app. Thus, with the VEGA Tools app, a direct, wireless live connection takes the place of the "direct wire" – wherever physical wiring is difficult to implement. In the everyday life of technicians and plant operators, this mobile solution means real added value. For example, in potentially dangerous working environments it allows them to carry out and detect faults more safely during maintenance work. 

The young old ones: Retrofit 

The PLICSCOM universal VEGA display and adjustment unit, which is compatible with all instruments in the plics® system, can be supplied with Bluetooth communication and simply retrofitted to any sensor with just one "click". So this means that: Bluetooth and thus also the VEGA Tools app are backward compatible with VEGA instruments from as early as 2002.
In wireless operation all important instrument parameters can be individually configured, or, what is even more convenient, transmitted as predefined parameter sets. Operating data and parameter changes stored in the instrument can be quickly viewed and transferred to a PC for more extensive visualisation. 

Safe and secure: double protection

Security also plays a role in every wireless connection. It starts with secure communication through the app architecture and password protection on the smartphone and extends through to sensor setup by the user. The system includes encrypted, password-protected IT networks, rights assignments for employees and clear rules on who can do what in the system and with which device. Thanks to the VEGA Tools app with IT security, the user can easily adjust and operate his sensors from a safe distance with a smartphone. 
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