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Sensor adjustment via smartphone and tablet

Secure and convenient with Bluetooth

VEGA Tools-App

One app, many functions

The VEGA Tools-App enables wireless adjustment of VEGA instruments equipped with Bluetooth. VEGA instruments can be conveniently operated via smartphone or tablet. The intuitive adjustment structure ensures easy setup and configuration of VEGA instruments. Users of myVEGA have easy access to numerous other benefits.
Instrument adjustment
Instrument-specific information


The free VEGA Tools app can be downloaded here:

For iOS devices
Apple App Store

For Android devices
Google Play Store

First insight

In the demo version, some functions are available as examples without having to register as a user.

Demo instruments provide an insight into the display as well as the operation of wireless sensors and controllers using the app.

Using myVEGA advantages

When you combine the VEGA Tools app with the advantages with myVEGA, the personal information platform, it becomes both powerful and convenient. Many additional functions are available with the myVEGA login data. 

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The contents of the app

VEGA-Tools-App Screenshot

Instrument adjustment

In this section you’ll find all functions that relate to a specific VEGA instrument. These include:

  • Wireless connection to sensors and controllers
  • Activation of NFC sensors
  • Alignment aid for radar sensors
  • Setup and commissioning of instruments
  • Readout of instrument memory
  • Execution of instrument tests
  • Retrieval of documentation of sensors and controllers
  • Creation of sensor backups

Web services

Quick access to the instrument configurator and to the documentation on your own VEGA instruments. Also:

  • Direct link to products on our website
  • Access to the documents belonging to your own VEGA instruments with just a few clicks


Expert consultation is just a click away – whether by phone, direct message or e-mail 

  • Service telephone
  • 24 h hotline available
  • Direct contact to customer service
  • Your own contact person

Instrument adjustment

VEGA-Tools-App Screenshot

Setup and diagnostics

The available sensors and controllers are displayed quickly and clearly. The scan function can be used to search for other instruments within Bluetooth range. Using the intuitive adjustment structure, any detected sensor can be easily put into operation. The optimized display and diagnostic function allows you to, for example, directly see the measured value or the sensor status quickly and easily.

Alignment aid

To deliver correct results, radar sensors must be mounted and targeted at the proper angle. Radar sensors mounted on bulk solids silos must be aimed at the outlet to compensate for measurement of material cones. The app helps to find and adjust to the right aiming angle.


The sensors of the VEGAPULS Air series transmit measured values wirelessly to an LTE, NB-IoT or a plant-based LoRaWAN network. When the sensor is delivered, the transmission function is deactivated and can be switched on with the help of the app.

Instrument-specific information

VEGA-Tools-App Screenshot

Instrument information

Instrument name, serial number and status of the sensor as well as current readings: All important key figures can be read at first glance in the app. The measured value type can also be easily changed.

New backup & restore solution reliably secures your data

VEGA customers can now use the innovative VEGA cloud solution and software tool "Backup & Restore" free of charge! It offers the option of backing up and retrieving VEGA sensor data using the cloud. This data can be called up and - if the user chooses - reinstalled, which brings more efficiency to automated processes. "Backup & Restore" solves the problem many companies have in keeping enough storage space available for ever-increasing amounts of data.

Additional functions for instrument operation


VEGA-Tools-App Screenshot

Setup and commissioning

With the help of the app, VEGA sensors can be quickly, easily and individually adapted to the prevailing process conditions.


The sensor archives all its values, saves information on error messages and triggers error diagnoses. This data can be accessed at any time via the diagnosis function of the app.

Backup and restore

All sensor data secured: Save free, time-unlimited backups in the VEGA cloud.

Tests and documentation

Ordering information and instructions for the sensor as well as WHG and SIL test information can be called up in the app. Instrument tests can be carried out simply and free of charge.

How does setup and commissioning work with the VEGA Tools app?

Where can the sensor PIN be found and what diagnostic options are available when the sensor is in operation? We answer questions like these in the video.We need your consentThis content is provided by an external provider. If you activate the content, personal data may be processed and cookies set.