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VEGA instrument adjustment

The standardised adjustment structure enables simple installation, configuration and commissioning of all VEGA sensors. There are several options available for putting a sensor into operation:

Directly on the instrument

VEGA instruments with integrated display and adjustment unit can be set up on site without additional software.

The plug-in display and adjustment module PLICSCOM is suitable for any plics sensor. Thanks to the simple menu structure, the instrument can be set up easily and quickly on site – no matter which measuring principle is involved.


Via tablet or smartphone – with the VEGA Tools app

VEGA instruments equipped with Bluetooth can be easily put into operation with a tablet or smartphone at a distance of up to 50 metres.

If required, PLICSCOM is also available with Bluetooth for plics sensors.
Good to know: All plics sensors manufactured from 2002 onwards can be retrofitted with PLICSCOM with Bluetooth.


Via laptop or PC – with PACTware

The adjustment software PACTware and the VEGA DTMs (Device Type Manager) allow standardised adjustment of all VEGA sensors and devices. 

A laptop or PC can be easily connected to the instruments via a USB cable or Bluetooth. 


Process control system (PCS)

Device descriptions in the form of an EDD/FDI (Enhanced Device Description/Field Device Integration) are available for VEGA sensors for process control systems such as AMS™ and PDM. 


VEGA Tools app

The VEGA Tools app enables wireless adjustment of VEGA instruments equipped with Bluetooth. VEGA instruments can be conveniently operated via smartphone or tablet.



PACTware is a manufacturer and fieldbus independent software for operating all types of field devices. The corresponding DTMs from various device manufacturers are integrated into it.


VEGA DataViewer

VEGA DataViewer is a helpful tool for archiving, managing, displaying and analysing DTM data stored in a database. 


Functions of the adjustment software

The following functions can be used independently of the operating system or software:

  • Create a measurement loop
  • View measurement data
  • Diagnosis of the instrument and the measurement
  • Storage of the instrument and measurement data


DTM Collection     VEGA Tools app

What is the VEGA DataViewer used for?

The VEGA DataViewer is a useful tool for archiving, managing, displaying and analysing DTM data.

After the local installation of VEGA DataViewer on a Windows computer, sensor backups can be saved and viewed there. myVEGA enables direct contact with VEGA service technicians if necessary. Thanks to the option of sharing VEGA DataViewer data, this joint analysis capability can quickly lead to a solution.

Instrument data always at hand

myVEGA offers many advantages – one of them is the ability to save instrument data. Both the backup files and the PINs and codes of the various sensors can be stored there securely and can therefore be easily accessed at any time.
With appropriate authorisation, the data can be shared among the myVEGA accounts within a company.


Free service

Do you need support with your system? Our service technicians are available to you around the clock.

Fast contact

Expert consultation is just a click away – whether by phone, direct message or e-mail.

  • Service telephone
  • 24 h hotline available
  • Direct contact to customer service
  • Your own contact person

Service recording

Anyone who has a myVEGA account can contact customer service directly from within the VEGA DataViewer, share the data with the VEGA service technician and thus speed up the process of finding a solution.