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Level and pressure instrumentation for the process industry

VEGA is a global manufacturer of sensors for measuring level, point level, pressure as well as devices and software for integrating them into process control systems.

What would you like to measure?

Solutions for a wide variety of industries

Every year, more than half a million sensors leave VEGA Grieshaber KG. Each one provides a reliable solution to a challenging measurement problem somewhere in the world. High vessels, temperatures or pressure. Every industry places its own specific requirements on the measurement technology it uses. VEGA’s portfolio includes, among other things, level sensors and pressure sensors for chemical and pharmaceutical plants, the food industry as well as drinking water supply systems, metal extraction, sewage treatment plants and power generation stations.

Innovative measurement technology from VEGA

As a sensor and measuring instrument manufacturer based in Schiltach in the Black Forest, VEGA has been developing innovative measurement technology for over 60 years and is already represented in over 80 countries by subsidiaries and sales partners. Our goal is to develop measurement technology that is easy to use and offers maximum safety and reliability.

The radar level sensor: THE 6X®


Compact level sensors | Radar is the better ultrasonic


Compact pressure switch with 360° status display


Compact level switch with 360° status display


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Robots support production

The autonomous robot reliably transports material containers from point A to point B. This greatly facilitates the production processes of the instrumentation manufacturer.

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VEGA expands into Sweden and Denmark

The demand for innovative measurement technology for industry is also increasing in Scandinavia. With the new subsidiaries in Denmark and Sweden, which will open in spring 2024, VEGA is actively responding to this development and moving even closer to customers with its modern level and pressure measurement technology.

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The full version DTM collection is now free for everyone

Simplicity for the user – that’s an important guiding principle at VEGA. It also applies to the many tools that are available for operating sensors and other devices. From October 2023, the range of capabilities will be considerably expanded.

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Source holders that ensure maximum safety

Safety and reliability are basic requirements in the field of measurement technology. This applies especially to radiometric measurement, which is always used when process conditions are in the extreme: extremely hot, cold, corrosive, dusty or under pressure. The VEGASOURCE 80 series source holders are a fitting extension to this measuring technique.

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